"FAQ" stands for frequently asked questions. Here are my answers...

What do you do?
God, what a silly question! I "do" whatever is best suited to the person I am with and the situation we created together, of course. There are so many options...
What I don't do, instead, is simple: sexual contacts, dangerous or illegal activities, playing a fixed script.

What practices are you specialized in?
I have been practicing domination for a long time, so I had time and opportunities to study and explore every facet of BDSM and feticism. I have a particular predilection for torture, foot fetish and clinical play (doctor play), but a big part of the fun lies in discovering together which particular scenarios interest us more every time.

Can I hope in a sexual service?
Absolutely not. Domination is an erotic art and of course it leads to sexual excitement, but I am a Lady and a professional and I demand to be always treated as such. To have sex there are so many other occasions, and in the worst case countless prostitutes... maybe you didn't understand that what I do is much more interesting!

What charateristics must a slave have to meet you?
He must be of legal age, respectful and straightforward in expressing his fantasies. To get maximum pleasure it is advisable to have absolute trust in my abilities and in everything I do. Apart from personal hygiene your phisical traits don't matter to me: what stimulates me is the personality of those I meet.

I never tried these things. Will you consider that?
But that's obvious! Any meeting, even with the most expert persons, develops according to individual traits and the conditions occurring from moment to moment. I am a Domina, not a butcher... the only persons I become really nasty with are timewasters.

Do I risk to meet other people in your studio?
Absolutely not: it will be just the two of us. Every meeting is by personal and exclusive appointment exactly to avoid mishaps and embarassments which could ruin the mood of such a special moment.

Can I take part at a meeting just as a watcher?
Mmm... I see you are distracted. Didn't we just say that every appointment is strictly private? Most of the people contacting me rightfully demand maximum privacy, so the only possibility of "watching" is if we agree to meet along with your partner.

How long a meeting is?
That depends on what fantasies and scenarios we'll decide to explore together. It is not like a factory line...

How can I take an appointment with you?
Very simply. Call me with a sensible warning time (two hours at the least, but the day before is even better) to set up a time and a theme for the meeting. To simplify things I suggest to gather your ideas about which fantasies intrigue you the most. In the unlucky case of an unexpected delay, I really appreciate to be warned in time, also because those who don't show up at my appointments lose the chance to meet me again forever.

How can I offer myself as your "resident slave"?
Probably by putting off the whole idea, because experience taught me that almost everyone proposing themselves like that are actually just opportunistic parasites and they totally lack the traits I look for in this role. Yet there are some exception, but to demonstrate that it would be much better to get to know each other through a series of meeting first.