This is the book I wrote in 2012. It is composed of fifteen chapters corresponding to as many travels I made during my career so far: from the very first beginnings to just a little time ago, everywhere around the world. Each stop in this "tour" put me in touch with new aspects of the BDSM and fetish world, made me live new experiences and helped me to grow as a Dominatrix and as a woman. In a little less than 200 pages, On tour collects these trips through 20 years of evolution of the world of professional domination.

Within its virtual pages you can expect descriptions of places, people, backstages and scandals that just a bunch of professionals knew of until now, and my personal reflections on what all of that meant beside the facade shown by sites, videos and scene magazines.

On tour is in Italian only for now, but it can be read on every device including readers, computers and smartphones. You can buy it on most specialized websites, but I suggest using:

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