To fully live my every fantasy I created a unique studio: a place of domination without peers in Italy, furnished with many unique pieces designed by me and handcrafted by the best artisans. The studio is composed of three different settings for BDSM, feticism and clinical play.

The Red Room - Reserved to sadomasochistic experiences, it contains every instrument any slave dreams about: from a special St. Andrews' cross to the prison cage, from the kneeling stocks to the suspension hoist, from punishment horses and benches to the toilet-sofa, from the restriction bed to the torture chair...

The Fetish Room - A whole room to embody every feticistic fantasy. A gigantic (and always growing) collection of stiletto shoes existing in a tranquility which is just ideal to worship my precious feet, nude or caressed by refined stockings. It is also the right place to walk over a human carpet, with or without heels.

The White Room - Medical play require a suitable setting, sterilized daily and furnished with real clinical items including a gynecological table which is perfect to administer very in-depth visits and all I need to give every sort of therapies.